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Vote of no confidence against Italy’s Prime Minister Conte: The Senate agrees on an appointment

The Italian Senate has scheduled its next meeting next Tuesday when Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is scheduled to attend the plenary session. The Lega of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who had demanded a vote of confidence this week, could not prevail with their request. Their previous coalition partners, the Cinque Stelle, and the left-wing Partito Democratico argued during the very heated debate that the democratic process should be respected and Conte must first be heard. Only then should be decided on the further roadmap, as a spokeswoman for the Senate on Tuesday evening explained.

No deal with Berlusconi for the time being

Returning from his beach campaign in the south, Senator Salvini accused his opponents of being scared of new elections and sticking to their chairs. “There is nothing better and more honest than giving the floor to the people,” declared the right-wing populist, whose Lega had come to 17 percent in the parliamentary elections last year and today can expect more than twice as much approval, according to polls.

Meanwhile, a Tuesday-scheduled conversation between Salvini and Forza Italia’s conservative leader Silvio Berlusconi fell into the water, as the self-confident interior minister had demanded in advance that the former ally take the Lega party symbol.

Renzi appeals to unity

The former head of government and Senator Matteo Renzi called Salvini’s opponents at a press conference to demonstrate unity in the interest of the country and to form a new government. At his press conference, he spoke of a national emergency. Salvini does not respect the constitution and democratic institutions. That he demands “full powers” would make every Democrat in the country think carefully. Moreover, Italy was threatened with serious economic turmoil and a new recession because of the government crisis triggered by Salvini, Renzi pointed out. His Partito Democratico had to overcome the internal differences in such a severe political crisis and talk to the Cinque Stelle about cooperation, he said.

At least as far as the question of the vote of no confidence in the Senate was concerned, Cinque Stelle and Partito Democratico pulled together on Tuesday. Whether or not they will form a coalition against the Lega chief is questionable.